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Tired of your boring, daily life and need an escape?
Want to be part of an exciting new competition on Aniflix?
How about a two week adventure on a beautiful, tropical island?
Better yet, what about a chance at winning $100,000?
Think you have what it takes to be a hero, adventurer?
We’re casting for our brand new show “Brave Paradise” and we want YOU to be a part of it.
All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be considered
Click the link below to see if you qualify for this incredible opportunity!

Created by @DaiZfrg on Twitter

Want more episodes? Donate to my Kofi https://ko-fi.com/daizfrg and help me earn my goal!

Note: Although this game is +15 (May become +18) for sexual themes,  there is currently no nudity or sex scenes.


Brave-Paradise-0.1.1-mac.zip 107 MB
Brave-Paradise-0.1.1-pc.zip 124 MB
com.daizfrg.braveparadise-100-universal.apk 130 MB

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Hola, acabo de ver lo que llevas de esta buena visual novel el cual me encantó bastante, pienso que el protagonista Emilio es totalmente adorable, guapo, sexy y se le coje afecto fácilmente. Me gustaría saber cada cuánto tiempo habrá actualizaciónes. Gracias al creador de la VN 'socially aawkward' te descubrí y me gustó también conocer a tus personajes. Espero ansioso la versión 0.1.2

This is an amazing game it fun all the characters are great and it can be funny. As for the sfw or nsfw mind if i suggest a nsfw patch keep the game sfw for the people who just want the story and make the nsfw patch for those who want to see everything that happens in the game.

i really dont mind for either

I dont get the start where you choose from those words and then wake up

All will be revealed in due time~


My review of this game is this:

I almost woke my neighbors while pissing myself laughing.

Totally worth it.

This is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm looking forward fir the next update!!! (Sorry if my English is not good) 


im totally fine with this being SFW. honestly this has so much heart put into it and it shows.


Bryce best boy!

So I just downloaded and finished the game. Honestly? This is the first time I actually adore all casts in a VN. Love the sprites expression and the humor in this game actually had me almost dying from wheezing too much lol. I'm looking forward to future updates. Also Emi is best boy UwU

I'm loving this game so far. I made the (not regretted) mistake of starting late at night, and then getting hooked for several hours with plans the next day.  The expressions for the sprites are amazing, Emilio in particular. The writing is very funny, keeping me laughing while I was playing for a long while. It's impressive how just one word can make me laugh on several occasions. The writing does this all while leaving the presumably important question of "why are they here?" in the back of my mind but ever so present, among several others. I'm very excited to see what will come from this game and will wait as long as I must to see it in it's entirety.

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Hi DaiZfrg I'm about halfway through the game and I wanted to quickly speak my opinion about the game so far, off the bat I like setting and style of the game I'm sure it's been said multiple times, it like seriously reminds me of total drama Island!! I don't know if you got the inspiration for it or have maybe thought about it but it really does stick with it, definitely like the weird supernatural gem how it's some of the random simple words that makes me laugh, I like the main character so he's honestly a breath of fresh air then tennis ace's protag (No offense to anyone who likes the game lol) I hope a good majority of the characters are romancible but not off the bat, definitely should be an approval meter maybe to show how much they like you when you show affection, but I don't know these Characters well like you do, just do your best my favorite is the Bull guy and I forgot his name (sorry my mind can be lazy lol) i watched the rest with a friend of mine, I did enjoy the midnight chat added to their personal humor really well, I've heard the previous chat was transphobic?, Thankfully my friend he didn't update his phone yet, after reading it I don't think what you did was hurtful or transphobic I think you were coming into that conversation out of genuine fun, it's understandable some people would get upset about those specific, but you at least handle it well then what most people on the Twitter sphere wouldn't have handled, anyway on some better notes I like how the Characters blinked their eyes and moved their mouths it gives them a breath of realism as If they're real a bit which makes it cool, I don't know if sex will be featured because the game is at 15+ lol, but if you are I really recommend it be later down in the story or at the very least an option because sometimes good romances don't necessarily need sex all the time but if it helps make the Characters passionate awesome, also I'm pretty sure I'm the only girl whose playing this LMAO

If I could give the game a score a solid 8.5 the music helps because my God I can't stand some game's being silent


Hey, thanks for the positive review! Characters won't be romance-able until late in the game. I will explain more further down the line in terms of production.

Understandable, keep at it you're doing well so far

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Is inari going to be dateable/fuckable? Love his design


Unfortunately, he will not be a romance option. Glad you like him though! 


What about just being fuckable?

I'm loving the art and story you are creating with this new visual novel.  It honestly has me super excited for whats to come!  Thank you for creating this, with its lighthearted elements and hints of a darker subplot, it really is a fantastic work you have managed to create.  Can't wait for more content!


Good writing, cute loveable and relatable characters, amazing humour, amazing art. 

It is easy to get swept up in the crazy fun energy the VN gives off. I really am excited to read more~

Over all, amazing work~


ok so i really enjoyed playing as an HORNY ghost.
Also characters reminds me of total drama island.

PIZZA IS SANDWICH! u cant change my mind 


i love the concept, especially Bryce~ but over all i really like it so far and cant wait to see more!



Yo the VN is nice im getting the like of it, the writing is pretty neat and quite humorous haha, i cannot wait for the next update man, i hope theres a selection for Aaron, rex and umm that bull guy, THO dude keep it up >;3

Dai, I just finished the demo and I have to say that I loved it. Great writing, I had a lot of fun with the story and characters.

Brave Paradise was giving me heavy feels of Total Drama Island and I loved it, the characters were very interesting and Divirse backgrounds were pretty cool, if your thinking of nudity and sex scenes maybe it could be optional to do those scenes with the guys when pursuing a romantic interest to them, im still on the part with the raft lol but I'm excited to see what you have in store for the game, it's pretty funny to listen to the dialogue and I like that the character's blink and have multiple parts of moving their bodies giving them a bit of life and the announcer I like that he's an Axolotl unique to the island theme


I got done with Brave paradise won't lie I had a great time on it but the conversation on the phone was so fuckin uncomfortable I got triggered by the pizza identity part, not trying to be rude but I think you should be careful what your saying because some of the words were mildly Transphobic, especially identity, I feel like your mind is or was stuck in the 2016 era, to bring identity up in a supposedly "Casual" conversation I personally don't care what's the context, you should've done more research before engaging that conversation, I'm so tired of explaining about trans identity and gender to people about it, I think you should get rid of those parts, from the conversation because they paint you softly Transphobic, I'm still gonna keep playing the game its awesome, but the conversation left me angry to the point where I wanted to cry


Thank you for you comment, I will review the conversation and alter it for V.0.1.1. My intent was not to target the trans community and certainly not the frustrate anyone to tears. I apologize for any discomfort this has caused you and hope that you will continue reading in future updates. 

I do have a character in my story that has undergone a transition so your input for future builds is highly valued.  I spoke with some of my friends who have undergone transitions as well (One of which helped me with that part of the chatroom conversation, actually... but everyone has different comfort levels and perspectives on the matter and I should have taken this into account) to help build a positive, empowering narrative. So if there is anything else like this that seems insensitive, please let me know to help make this project better. 


I honestly found the dialogue hilarious and not transphobic at all. I've had the same conversations with my roommates before on what qualifies as pizza or sandwiches or what have you. lol like this: 

Its all tongue in cheek, no one was "really" taking it seriously. It was just lighthearted banter. I don't see how talk of food was any allegory for being trans. but thats my 2 cents.

TBH, the only part I thought was midly transphobic (innocently) and would recommend tweaking was the phrase "pick you gender," as it implies people choose their psychological reality. Granted I am not trans, so my comment can only really go so far. Beyond that, I loved that scene and was the cherry on top of this great intro to the game!!! I especially loved it when social construct were brought up and I believe this is a very chill and positive way of discussing trans rights. Props to you. Can't wait for the next installment.


dude you have to finish this its looking like it could be one of the best gay furry VNs on itch. I love Rex i get the feeling the looming death the ghost can sense is someone in his life that may be dying and needs the money for surgery or something. I'm a sucker for plots like that and I just want to help him. I loved the horny ghost its pretty funny. I can see hy this toom  3 months to start you put alot of little CGs in there that really added to the flaver and this this is something I wold really like to see in other VN they really make the world seem more alive and animated you also animated the sprites. this is a lot of work for a project your not sure if you want to finsh. ill try to support you in any way i can you made a new fan out of me.


I absolutely loved this story - completely brightened my day. I came in not sure what to expect, but ended up laughing out loud. Incredibly funny, cute and sweet. A+ start to a VN. Loved it.


This VN was so epic I never thought i ever seen a VN this funny at all but playing as a Horny ghost definitely got me by surprise i definitely crushing on Bryce though i felt alot of UwU moments with Bryce. I definitely gonna stay up to date with this VN though :D


"Is a pizza a sandwich?" Yep. Watched the Food Theory on the Food Theorist's channel. Laughed my ass off reading their arguments though lmao. 

Love it so far, though the wording is a little confusing... I'm Emilio but my choices are chosen as a rich, horny ghost?


Total Drama Island energy if it was gay. love it

I thought I was the only one that thought that


Omg this novel is different than others. It like im watching comedy series on tv. I reaaaaaaaaally like it.


This is brilliant, I can tell you've put a lot of passion into this! Love how expressive all the characters are, I really hope you do continue this!


very well written, had me laughing a lot! Honestly there's a lot of good stuff here, from the writing to the art it felt like i was watching a cartoon and it was amazing!!


This is amazing! I love how even within the first few minutes of play I was fully engrossed in it...the characters look amazing, and I love the interactions they all have with each other. I love the cut ins as well...it helps keep the mood so lively and consistent! I really hope you'll consider continuing this project! :)


It's very good. Hope to have next episode  soon.


Awesome first episode. Excited for the next build if it comes :D


I trust that axolotl about as afar as I could throw him. He's too smiley...


Honestly facts


Yooo~ dude, please tell me you're continuing this game. Had a freaking blast with it!


omg he's a shiny wooper :O

Really good VN I can't wait for more.


I'm confused why a story pretty clearly written for 13 year olds is labelled 18+?

Deleted 72 days ago
Deleted 72 days ago
Deleted 72 days ago

The story is labelled as 18+ as there are sexual themes and topics that may inappropriate for younger readers. Considering that this is my first time creating/writing a project like this, it would be great if you could give me some constructive criticism to further enhance the narrative :)

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Nothing so far is inappropriate for younger readers, but maybe that just hasn't happened yet. The tone of writing feels like it's *intended* for younger audiences. Honestly, it feels like it's a children's book that just happens to have teen content (not adult content, just teen content). Like, if I had to guess your profession by the writing in this VN, my guess would be children's book author.

In the current state of the game, there is only mentions of suggestive acts, like masturbation and  voyeurism. The label is moreso protective than anything. In later developments, you will be able to romantically pursue characters and I want to stay prepared for the possibility of more risque discussions and sequences occurring (Not to necessarily allude to porn). Many of my influences for writing have been from content targeted towards kids, teens, and young adults, so it does not surprise me at all that the writing comes off that way! 

Love the game.Really hope you can continue and give an estimate date for the next build. Id love to see more of each character.Especially Berry.Im unusually attracted to little goblins.

And also please don't turn my sparkli' pink boi in the antagonist of the story.Please

Judging by how Total Drama Island seems to be one of the inspirations for the author, I wouldn't be surprised if the host ends being an antagonist.

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Just beautyfull and funny and the sprites are a real pece of art, i alredy fell in love whit this game and the characters ,and (for me & spoilers) the talking spirit/roock is realy weird but its funny to have a horny gost around the main caracter (and so weird that he/she watches him pee) soo continue the game from the ones i played on itch this, is one of the best's  (sorry if i speeled something wrong im not english but i pretty much know the language)


This is incredibly well made, I would say this has quite a good start. Not to mention the art sprites are pretty dang good as well. Love it.


I loved Bryce, Hector and Rex the most and in that order. Please tell me they're going to have their separate routes. Also what breed of dog is Bryce? 


Bryce is a Bernese-mountain dog!


Thank you for answering! :) 

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