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Brave paradise is a modern-fantasy linear visual novel with multiple character routes to explore. This game features m/m furry romantic relationships but not every route will end with a romantic ending.

Follow Emilio, a contestant on the brand new show, "Brave Paradise". 8 contestants will participate in a variety of challenges on a remote island that will test their strength, wit, and courage. Can you gather enough quest medals to win? Will you fall in love on this island getaway? You only have two weeks to make a good impression, so let the games begin!

Current version plays up to Day 3.

Created by @DaiZfrg on Twitter

Note: This game is (+15) for sexual themes. There is no NSFW content in this game. 


BP-April-Fools-0.1.0-pc.zip 156 MB
Brave-Paradise-0.1.6-pc.zip 161 MB
Brave-Paradise-0.1.6-mac.zip 144 MB
Brave-Paradise-0.1.6-android.apk 165 MB

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I hope it's not bitter end but new begging in something different. Wish You big success in all Your doings and new beginings. 

Definitely the beginning of a new stage in my life and I'm excited for everything that comes with it.

Just found this vn because of the new devlog post. Bittersweet playing through it and loving it so much while knowing it's cancelled, but I couldn't be happier for all the great stuff in your life right now! Congrats!

Thanks for the effort you put into it, big inspiration to me even just now :)

Thank you for the kind comment! While it was sad to let this project go, it is all with good reasons. I hope you feel inspired to pursue your own goals and dreams!


Was super bummed of cancellation at first but then reading why, I became happy. Dude you have a full time job AND getting married, like major congratulations 馃帄 haha cheers man such success in life grants you :D 


Thank you! 2021 has certainly been a whirlwind of a year for me. Lots of great things in the future and I want to make sure there is room for it all. 

Hope we get to see more Rex and Hector.

... I have a thing for teddies in need of hugs.  And no I don't mean a sexual thing.

Hey your game is very cool ! I hope you're doing well and know that lots of people still follow your game and think about it !!

Well thank you, that's very kind! I'm still pretty busy in general but I am definitely working on updating the game bit by bit!


As of right now, there is no NSFW content other than some discussion of sexual topics. It is undecided if the game will feature NSFW scenes.


You do get to see a glimpse Bryce's ass tho


When will Aaron's route be? I like him a lot he is goofy and cute.


It will be a while before we see his route. I would also like to get some custom music for him before starting it as well.


When Emilio cracked his back, I thought I snapped something


Oh no!


Kinda getting jittery when I hear a cracking sound and wondered if it's me or Emilio LOL

Hopefully it's only Emilio because those are some serious cracking sounds!

I missed the April Fools version :( is there anyway to play it?

On the Development Log, click April Fools, the files will be there 

It only shows the name of the files. The download now button redirects to the main page.


No worries, I put it back up!

Dude you're the best!

Dorian brought an umbrella to a jungle-like place... it reminds me of a Backyardigans episode hahaha

Oh gosh, what a throwback!

Oh no Bryce take my heart for now

He's claiming a lot of hearts!

if after the emilio route is done you start episode 3,then in episode 3 will we get some nice surprises like bryce and crabble surprises?

Episode 3 won't have any surprises like Bryce's route did, sorry about that!

Deleted post

I'm not sure why itch decided to push out an update but I did update the description page, so that might be why!

However, I do planning on posting the update today or tomorrow! 

I'm loving the game so far! cant wait to see where all of the routes go! (also love the art, and Bryce is too precious for his own good)

I'm glad that you're loving the game! Each route will have something interesting to offer!

EBAAA nova atualiza莽ao

When is the update?


I have planned it for some time this week!

^^ Yay!! Ur the Best!!^-^

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When will this get nsfw ?^^

If it does get NSFW then it won't be for a long time. Gotta build it up to that point.

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please tell me Valamir will be fuckable he's too cute for his own good 


I'm glad you think so! Unfortunately, he will not be getting his own route.

I'm sure fan art will fix this lol


aww man, that's a shame. 

thanks for the reply! guess i gotta go for hot bull dude. 

qual vai ser a proxima atualiza莽ao?

The update should be out this month! I'm almost done with it!

que bom, estou ansioso. 

Deleted 178 days ago

Thank you for your offer but at this time, I will hold off. I appreciate it!

Deleted 178 days ago

Loved the April Fools' update!


Glad you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to make!

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April Fools jokes were amazing and the guest characters fit right in!

As for the first iteration of the game, PIZZA DEBATE. I loved every moment of that.


Glad you liked the joke update! The mighty pizza debate will never end...

The following nightly phone debacles were also brilliant! Keep up the great work!


Is there Android

Yes, there is!

Bryce is literally the cutest! I can't get over him >w<

i am not able to download it 

Sorry to hear that! How are you trying to download it?

i've been pressing install on the homepage and no downloadable file comes up its blank 

are you using the itch.io app ? if so, try downloading directly from your browser I have the same issue

I can't believe I haven't found this game ealier, absolutely amazing! Great work!

Thank you!

Deleted post

You should be able to start where you last saved with each update. Not sure why it wouldn't let you continue with your save. Do you get an error message?

Deleted post

You don't need to copy and paste anything. Just extract the file and on your computer and open up your new files, it should have your saves there unless the saves were moved somewhere else. Sorry I can't be of more help than that!

Valamar has a semi high pitched voice in my head, but when he strikes a pose or shines it becomes rly deep and I love it.


Oh also, since I'm not seeing much love for the choice of character sexuality, I wanna say I actually really like it. It probably isn't even going to be relevant in the story or at least most paths I assume, but it just makes the characters seem a bit more...."diverse"? I can't quite put my finger on why, I've been pondering it for a while now


I'm glad you are enjoying the diversity in the character's sexuality! I think it enhances the game as well and provides for more characterization. 

Changelog for 0.1.4?

now i guess :^)


Sorry, it took some time to write it! It's in the new Devlog!

Do we need to restart the game?


Nope! You should be able to continue where you left off with your last save.

Is this game for Android?

Yes 3 : Is Apk You Can Get This 馃槉

Yes! I have labeled it properly for the update this time.

Hi Dai What About News Update ??? 馃

I'm going to try to update this week!

OK I Wait 馃槈馃槉

just finished day 1, I had a great time with it! can't believe I scrolled past this game so many times before. the character art intimidated me a little bit at first, but once I saw all of them properly in game and animated, they looked  amazing to me. there's so much personality in each one of them.

aaron the flamboyant but insecure tiger is my favorite, but I'm excited to spend more time with all of the cast, and valamar too, he's extremely fun. tho his face still creeps me out a little bit.

the play with reader perspective is very interesting to me too! excited to see where this is going. props for making the reader talk for a horny gay ghost, can't say that's too far from the truth lol.


Glad you liked the game! I'm hoping we'll get to see a lot of fun sides for every character!

2 questions

Is the game nsfw? (If not currently, will it be nsfw?)

Why can I only choose Ken and Rex to quest with?


Currently, the game is SFW. There has been talk about making the game NSFW but it is likely that there will be a separate version if this is the case. Currently, there are sexual discussions but no nudity or sexual conduct.

With the most recent patch, Rex and Ken are the only available routes right now for Day 2. This will change as I continue to update the game, the other routes are still being written. The next patch will have Bryce's option available.

Thanks for the answers. Is there a discord set up for this that I can join?

I don't have a discord for the game right now, sorry about that!


I don't know how, but I managed to misread "Valamir" as "Vladimir" in the pictures above. Aside from that, this one's a good VN. Keep it up :)

Well it was the name I based the name off of. Not to imply anything about his personality!


Love the update and all of its humor 

One thing on my mine in both routes tho

This gave me and my co-writer a lot of laughs, thank you for posting this!!!

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This is a super interesting project! Holy crapballs! Here's my really long thoughts on it from what I played!

Things I like:

  • The game currently has an outstandingly unique, cartoony, and enjoyable style. The UI and various elements stand out among the crowd, and it's quite impressive to see for a visual novel, let alone one so early on! Fuckin' A!
  • Refreshing writing style. It's incredibly common for furry visual novels to be about mystery, angst, inexplicable gatherings for gay men, and overly dramatic content. Thus far, the story has handled exposition on it's fantastical elements and it's setting quite excellently and naturally. It has a pleasant, more brisk pace to it that's really nice for the type of story it seems to be thus far. 
  • Exceptional variety and animation. There's already a  great variety in expressions and poses, and it's still so early on! Honestly, it sets a really good precedent moving forward. The animation for characters moving, blinking, and speaking is quite remarkable and well-done, and is notable for how uncommon it is. Really great stuff, fits the game to a T.
  • The game has an incredibly unique way of contextualizing choices and narrative options, and has a level of meta to it all. A unique twist on things, super excited to see what is done with it going forward!
  • Character Designs. I think everyone has their archetype and established and what sort of surface level tropes exist with them, but some of them are immediately excellent and intriguing. The thick lines and more exaggerated artstyle works wonders for standing out.
  • Interesting variety in character ages and roles. Individuals like Ken and Berry would... uh, not normally be routes in VNs, romantic or otherwise, so I'm looking forward to seeing what is done with them most of all! Especially if things... uh, "develop" between themselves and Emilio... 

Things I dislike:

  • Ooooh boy, the color coding of the characters sure ain't subtle in this game, huh? To be honest, it's a little distracting and disappointing that everyone is so obviously attributed a color, as weird as that may sound. 
  • Two distinct protagonists. The fact we're there's two levels of protagonist means that while it creates a unique bevy of opportunities for interesting story-telling, it also means you can't insert yourself as either protagonist nearly as much. It's a bit more jarring compared to most visual novels with how little choice or personality you seem to have.

Thanks for the positive review, I'm glad there are so many things you like about the game! I think you addressed a lot of things that I'm really aiming for, so I'm glad it's being recognized, haha.


Really enjoyed the new update, it was nice to see that much development from a character that at points can still come off as comic relief, it was a lot of fun (and kind of relatable with the higher education commentary).

Also butt. That was very good too. Though on a more serious note, I'm intrigued now, I wonder what was the source of his condition.

Glad you enjoyed the update! We'll definitely learn more about Rex's situation down his route.

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